Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Cluster Clean-Up: April 14 & 15

Cluster clean-up has been scheduled for the weekend of April 14-15.  
Save the date & details to come. 


  1. Does the HC Board/Landscaping Committee have any specific tasks in mind for the 14-15 April Cleanup? Do any residents have thoughts about what should be done? -Jim Livingood, Block 1 HC

  2. The Landscape Committee organizers are taking the lead on this one and at last inquiry said more information was coming soon.

    1. Received the flier yesterday, 7 April. Thankyou. I plan to do a litter pick up around Block 1 and Northshore Dr. from 0900-1000 and then help a neighbor thin bamboo from behind her TH.-jim livingood, Block 1, HC

  3. Thanks to Michael Smith's leadership and hard work during the Cleanup Block 1 looks better than it has for years. -jim livingood, Block 1


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