Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Church Easement Vote Set for October 7th

All residents should have received a packet from TWC in the mail containing notification of the upcoming Hickory Cluster SPECIAL MEETING: CHURCH EASEMENT VOTE on October 7th at 7:30pm RCC-Lake Anne as well as a proxy form. Note: Proxy must be received at the office of TWC on or before 1pm 10/7/09.
Background from earlier post...
Over the last few years, the United Christian Parish Church has been working on plans to expand their present building to approximately triple the size of what it is now. The plan includes the removal of the "rectory" house that currently exists on North Shore Drive next to Hickory Cluster (Block 3) and a portion of the existing woods and trees to be replaced by additional parking and a brand new parking lot access onto North Shore Drive.

The above drawing (click to enlarge) reflects the church expansion plans as of October '08. The church has approached HC to ask for a HC vote on a county easement (2/3 of resident "yes" vote needed) on cluster property bordering North Shore Dr. between HC and the proposed new parking lot outlet that would require HC to remove all obstructions to visibility (trees, vegetation, green power box, etc.) back 25ft to satisfy the county by increasing motorist visibility while exiting the church from the new access. The church has offered to pay for the cost of the vote and the costs involved in complying with the easement.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Request: Photos from HC's Past

Our family are new residents to Hickory Cluster. We are fascinated by the history of our community, and would love to see any old photos some residents may have of how things looked around here in years gone by.

One area I am interested in seeing photos of is the wooded lot which is up for discussion for the stream revitalization project. From stories I've heard, this area used to be much more manicured. Also old photos of the playground which was located in the greenspace between lot 3 and 2 would be interesting to see. Also photos of the plaza on lot 3 before the garage was torn down.This blog would be a great place to post up some of these glimpses into HC's past.

My wife, Anna, and I have a scanner and could help with digitizing old prints.

Sean and Anna
Block 3
seanjoyner (at) mac (dot) com