Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UCP Church: Lights & Landscaping

HC board member Ralph Youngren met with UCP representatives on behalf of the board with concerns about the church lights and car headlights on facing HC Block III residents.  See his notes below.

"I met with Bob Bain and other representatives of the United Christian Parish of Reston on Tuesday Mar 13 at 2:00PM.

In our previous meetings I had a concern about parking lot lights and car headlights shining into Hickory Cluster at night. 

I found that the parking lot lights are focused away from HC, and there is a great deal of new plantings, evergreen varieties to shield the cars. The planting will begin in about two weeks. When everything is in place, the church will be open to suggestions from us to adjust any problem."

-Ralph Youngren
Hickory Cluster Board


  1. I'm not sure who monitors this board, but I have a landscaping issue to voice. The grass is heavily overgrown (with many weeds even higher) and there have been broken branches on the trails for weeks. I have not seen the landscaping people here in over a month...and I think it's been longer than that.

    Would someone please contact them and have them come out? I've also left a voicemail with Kim Hendon.

  2. The residents of Waterview Cluster are also very unhappy about the pathway and parking lighting flooding into their homes - and they live all the way ACROSS North Shore. For us, toward the back of Block 3 the parking lights are the problem and are pouring in to the back of our house at night. And that's during the summer when the trees are doing a good job of blocking light with full coverage. It's going to be miserable come winter.


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