Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Common Area Power Washing Scheduled to Begin 4/30/12

Beginning Monday April 30 Spray Services will power wash common area walks, stairs, walls and landings throughout the community.

The entire process may take a few weeks and will include the use of highly-diluted chlorine bleach to inhibit mold and mildew growth.

It is important that residents remove all personal property from common areas & stoops before work begins.

Current work schedule (subject to change)


Block II: April 30-May 4
Block I: TBA May 16-17 (confirmed)
Block III: May 9-10 (To include concrete stoops)

Hickory Cluster is not responsible for personal items left in common areas.

Thank you for your cooperation during the project.

Hickory Cluster Board of Directors


  1. When can we expect them in Block I?

    1. Carol, I will attempt to update this site with any changes in timing. It took the contractor a lot more time in Block II than he expected. Target date for Block I is now Wednesday & Thursday 5/3 & 5/4. Check back with this post for updates.

  2. Update:
    Block II work is more extensive that originally estimated and power washing continues in Block II until tomorrow. Next will now be Block III (including staircase stoops) on May 9 & 10. Block I is tentatively scheduled for May 16-17.

  3. Is Block 1 still scheduled for 16-17 May?

  4. Sara Bradley advised today that the power washer will be on Block 1 16-17 May as scheduled.

  5. The power washer began on Block 1 today and is making a huge difference. The plaza is sparkling. Good job and great idea to have it done.


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