Wednesday, January 6, 2010

UCP Expansion Landscaping Plan

Ralph Youngren and Greg Gallardo of our HC Board met with the UCP (United Christian Parish) folks, their landscape architect, and a Fairfax County arborist yesterday about their plans for plants to screen headlights.
Thank you to Ralph and Greg for attending this meeting!

From Greg:
The plan, shown on graphic, calls for native evergreen trees and shrubs (listed on the plan) to be planted along the edge of the parking lot. The county arborist would assist them in actual placement of the plants to optimize screening. He also suggested that the church have people attending night meetings to park facing the church, including backing into the parking spaces adjacent to Hickory Cluster. Neither the landscaper nor the arborist thought that planters would be a good solution as they'd require too much maintenance. They said that they'd consider planting a sample of the screening plants at some time, but couldn't think of any current example of such a planting that we could visit now.

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