Friday, January 29, 2010

Stream Restoration Meeting: Jan 30, 2010

Stream Restoration Meeting
Saturday, January 30, 2010: 9am-noon at Forest Edge Elementary.
Flyer for the Stream Restoration Meeting

Arlene Whittick
Neighborhood Outreach Specialist
Reston Association
1930 Isaac Newton Square
Reston, VA 20190-5093
Phone: 703-435-6503
Fax: 703-673-2040


  1. Did anyone from the cluster attend? They do plan on cutting down the woods between Block 1 and 3 you know...

  2. Have not heard of any plan to take down the woods between Block 1 and 3. Would hope the residents would have some input to a decision like that.

  3. Hopefully a Board Member attended. Maybe they could share some of what they heard with us here.

  4. Here's the url to the meeting presentation by Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc:

    There is a ton of stream restoration information on their site as well as RAs. If you have questions/concerns and can't make a meeting both groups have people available to help by contacting them via phone & email.

    More WSSI info:

    RA Stream Site:

  5. Lots of wetland detail on that web site. Would be interesting to know precisely what impact the renovation will have on Hickory Cluster woods, etc. Guess we will know when we see it.


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