Friday, January 8, 2010

Fairway Apartments Expansion Plan

The owner of Fairway Apartments has been planning a major expansion/revitalization for that property for some time. There have been amendments to the plan as a result of meetings with the DRB and others. Whether you this is news to you or you have heard about this before, you will find the latest plans (below) of interest.

Fairway Expansion plans as of January 5, 2010.

Comments by David Edwards


  1. The impact on HC of ANOTHER and far more comprehensive reconstruction aside, does it make sense to build another "Lake Anne Plaza" to compete with the original Lake Anne Plaza? Especially when there are plans to revitalize Lake Anne Plaza?

    I don't think North Shore Drive and our communities can absorb this much growth without major problems.

  2. Tuesday Jan 26 at 7pm there is a meeting to discuss this and other topics affecting the master plan and Reston's future.

  3. Do we know when Fairway Apt. expansion construction will begin? Understand the Church expansion construction will begin in June.

  4. There is also a plan to expand the Hospitality House down the wooded hill in back of Block 1, but believe that will not happen until the economy improves.


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