Monday, May 28, 2012

UCP Lights Update

Here's a letter sent to the UCP by HC Board member Ralph Youngren on 5/23 proposing a meeting to discuss the lights issue... thank you Ralph!

Please comment on this post with any issues on the lights at UCP, especially if they effect your house.


  1. I happened to awaken around 3a.m. last night to find the parking lights were still on at the church as well. It was my understanding they were to be on a timer set to go off at around 10:45 but that's not happening with any regularity these days (nights).

  2. The parking lot lamp between the UCP rear entrance and my house has been on past midnight and shines directly into my upper floors.

  3. Here's the Fairfax County regs on lighting:

    Note the 'House-side Shielding' on page 6 as well as the 'curfew' stated as:

    Parking Lot Lighting Curfews - On all nonresidentially developed lots which contain a minimum of 4 parking lot light poles, parking lot lighting levels for ground surface parking lots and the top levels of parking decks or structures must be reduced by at least 50% of
    full operational levels within 30 minutes after the close of business.

    Lighting levels may be reduced by turning off 50% of the parking lot lights or by dimming parking lot lighting levels to no more than
    50% of the levels used during business or activity hours within 30 minutes of the close of business, or by some combination thereof.
    Given that a certain minimum lighting level is recommended for safety and security purposes, this provision does not require parking
    lot lighting levels to be reduced to less than 0.2 footcandles as measured horizontally at the surface on which the light pole is mounted. (See FOOTCANDLE definition on Page 14)


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