Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Board Members 2012

With the biggest turn out at a Hickory Cluster Annual Meeting since I moved here 14 year ago, two new board members were elected and one motion was voted on.
Note: Board president Fred Swartzendruber did not run for re-election.

Welcome to the board: Blake Travis & John Rowley

A motion was made to limit the number of proxy votes each member could present.  A lively discussion of the current Hickory Cluster voting rules followed.

Final Motion:
"After this meeting, no member may vote more than two proxies."
The motion was voted on (including proxy votes) and passed.

Thank you to Darryl Kramer for his dedication to Hickory Cluster and service on the board these past three years and an enormous debt of gratitude to Fred Swartzendruber for serving the last six years as HC Board president... for his leadership & guidance through the years on such HC projects as the garage reconstruction, replacement of the concrete stairs and railings & the WSSI Stream Restoration proposal process to name a few!

Sara Bradley
Hickory Cluster Secretary

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  1. Those who want to continue the community engagement of the annual meeting are welcome to attend the monthly Hickory Cluster board meetings, the next of which will be on June 20. Thanks again to Darryl and Fred for their service to our community.

    Greg Gallardo


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