Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reston Planning & Zoning Approved Fairway Expansion

JGB's design to transform the 328 Fairway garden-style apartments into 804 residences including four and five story apartment buildings and townhouses was approved by the Reston Planning and Zoning Committee in April.  Read about the Reston Citizens Association opposition to the proposal in the Reston Patch for more information.


  1. What concerns me is Hickory Cluster. Our pathway is falling into ruins. It is totally crumbling in places and in several areas it is so muddy the and the roots are a tripping hazard. How about scraping it down and repairing it. Not patching it yet again! Forget the volleyball court renovation and repair the pathway most of use everyday.

  2. As part of the stream restoration slated for the Fall, WSSI will redo some of the paths. Hickory Cluster will be working with them to get the rest of the paths that need work done at that time as well. The volleyball court will be the staging area for the stream restoration and the repairs there will a result of that. Estimated time for the path redo is next Spring.

  3. Agree. Fairway Apartment project and the NEW Church, etc; are out of our control. However, we can take care of HC. Preventive maintenance is the key. -- jim livingood, Block 1

  4. Specifically regarding the HC pathway: I walk it daily usually in early morning darkness. Yes, there are a couple of rough spots, but overall it (HC pathway) is in good shape. There are many trees close to the trail and it is inevitable that roots cause problems. It is helpful to keep one's eyes open and lift one's feet when walking. In my opinion our Board does a great job maintaining the HC path. Perfection demands unlimited funds. In this instance preventive maintenance has been exercised. The walking path is a great perk! Enjoy it!
    Jim Livingood, Block 1 HC


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