Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hickory Cluster Annual Meeting 2011

Hickory Cluster Annual Meeting
RCC- Lake Anne
May 21st, 2011  9-11am
2011 Annual Meeting Doc
Hickory Cluster president Fred Schwartzendruber gave community updates on....
  • LA Canal Dredging: Dredging is complete, water bags will take a week or so to drain and will then be removed. 
  • RELAC: Up and running and is expected to get performance benefits from the recent RA canal dredging.
  • Stream Restoration: The Forest Edge restoration project is coming to a close.  WSSI is still on target to begin the HC stream restoration next Fall.  Funding has not yet been secured but may be 'bridged' as has been done in other portions of the project throughout Reston. WSSI will present the next phase to the DRB at an upcoming meeting. 
  • 11501 Maple Ridge: Renovations have halted and the homeowner is in communication with RA and DRB concerning design issues.  HC is registered as an affected party.
Hickory Cluster board member Madeline Cohen spoke about HC reserves being at a level where we can soon plan needed repairs to Block 3 stucco and rusted metalwork as well as plantings and maintenance for planters throughout the cluster.

Board member Michael Poss spoke about local efforts to gain National Historic Registry Status for Lake Anne Plaza and improvements slated for the Gonzalo Fonseca Underpass (the HC North Shore Drive underpass).
Virginia Department of Historic Resources Form 4/2011

Two board members were up for re-election, Judith Loomis & Madeline Cohen.  Ralph Youngren and Michael Smith announced their interest in running for the seats as well.  Ralph Youngren and Michael Smith were elected to the Hickory Cluster board. 

A very special thank you with infinite gratitude to Judith and Madeline for their great work on the board and off in support of Hickory Cluster and its residents!


  1. Folks,
    Could someone who attended please summarize the meeting for folks who had a scheduling conflict. Thanks, jim livingood

  2. any word on when the AC is coming on? It's going to be VERY hot this week. Health risk for some folks.

  3. The air condition is already on. RELAC apparently turned it on a couple of weeks ago.

  4. i just spoke with the assistant operating engineer. he said the system has been charged and the chillers operating on and off, depending on outside air temperatures and dredging operations, since about may 1. they are now distributing 47F water to customers. water temperature will decrease each time it cycles through the system.


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