Sunday, March 20, 2011

RA: Design Review Board Agenda for March 22, 2011 @7PM

Below is a link to the March 22, 2011 7PM DRB agenda.  On two items to be discussed, the HC Board has registered HC as an Affected Party.
  1. Possible design changes to 11501 Maple Ridge
  2. North Shore tennis court conversion to 6 mini practice courts. (Courts next to the Lake Anne canal)

Reston Association
12001 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA 20191-3404


  1. Has there been any result regarding 11501 Maple Ridge?



  2. The contractor must present a window plan to the "full" DRB in mid-April that preserves the integrity of the architecture in HC. This house will get the visibility it deserves.
    Jim Livingood, Block 1, HC

  3. They deferred the review for the next full DRB committee (which includes several architects), April 19th. The contractor didn't have enough information to answer some of the questions which were raised, and the committee members who were present felt that the architectural standards in Hickory deserve a more detailed discussion by the full committee.


  4. The RA HC Advisor said today that the review scheduled for April 19th will be postponed. A review will be re-scheduled upon receipt of information requested from the contractor by the DRB prior to a review.
    --Jim Livingood, Block 1, HC

  5. The RA HC Advisor advised today that the DRB does not have 11501 Maple Ridge on its May agenda. He did say that this issue is not in limbo, but could not provide details. Hopefully the responsible parties are communicating and developing an acceptable window plan. --Jim Livingood, Block 1, HC


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