Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RA's Proposed North Shore Tennis Court Redesign

RA is proposing to convert the two North Shore tennis courts into six smaller training courts (see photo below).  The HC Board objects to the proposal for the reasons posted below.  If you are concerned about the proposal (con or pro), please plan to attend the DRB meeting at RA Headquarters on March 8th at 7pm. 

HCA has the following concerns about the North Shore Tennis Court Redesign proposal:
1.  It will eliminate 100% of ONLY TWO existing full-size North Shore tennis courts within easy walking distance of Hickory Cluster, thus denying Hickory Cluster resident tennis players and guests future use of these courts.
2.  Small dedicated teaching courts could be better accommodated at RA tennis facilities with more courts, such as Lake Newport or Hook Road, where elimination of two full-size courts would impact a MUCH smaller percentage of total existing courts, and where there is more room to expand with new construction if necessary.
3.  It may add to existing traffic congestion at the North Shore Drive entrance to adjacent parking and create additional intersection safety issues near the Maple Ridge Road entrance to Hickory Cluster Blocks 1 and 2.

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