Saturday, January 15, 2011

HC Volleyball Court Renovation

Hello Neighbors,
When the Hickory Cluster Stream Restoration project is completed (projected to be some time in 2012), the WSSI staging area that is the existing common area volleyball court adjacent to North Shore Drive will need to be renovated as well.  The cost of the renovation will be covered by the stream mitigation banking fund responsible for the stream restoration project.

The HC Board is requesting resident ideas/input on the volleyball court restoration.  Do we...
(1) rebuild the volleyball court,
(2) re-landscape it to become part of the surrounding landscaped common area, or
(3) create another to-be-determined type of Hickory Cluster common area outdoor space?

What do YOU think Hickory Cluster should do with the volleyball court AFTER Stream Restoration work is complete?  Please share your comments here and identify your comment with your name and Block#.  If you'd rather keep your suggestion private, please send them to any of the board members at the email adresses at right.

Thank you,
Hickory Cluster Board


  1. Suggest option 2, landscape it to be part of the surrounding common area, is the way to go.
    Perhaps add a couple of benches facing the stream.
    When the volleyball court was being used 90% of the players came from outside HC. Could be liability issues with outsiders being hurt.
    However, if the poll reveals lots of interest in renovating the court it should definitely be considered. -Jim Livingood Block 1

  2. I believe it should be a common area where kids and adults can gather and play. I'm not suggesting a playground but an open area where kids can kick around a ball or a family can have a picnic. There should be a few benches around it so we can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

  3. We support option 2 that would re landscape to blend in with the common area. That is, if we can't have a fenced in dog park....kidding!
    Ann and Ralph Youngren Block 3

  4. I think a playground is an excellent idea.

    Other suggestion would be a bacci-court.

    Rob's idea of an open space is good as well.

    -Sean Joyner

  5. My preference for the old volleyball court area would be to have it landscaped in a simple and low-maintenance fashion. I feel very strongly about not adding another area that we don't have the funds to maintain. The common ground areas are crying for maintenance that we can't afford. The central space could be kept open for cluster gatherings. The landscaping should be compatible with the landscaping of the stream restoration project.

    Shirley Manning, Block 2

  6. I support option 2 and agree with Shirley. We need an open area for cluster gatherings. It should not include any fixtures that have to be maintained and should just blend in with the rest of the landscape.
    Carol Laird
    Block 1

  7. Opt #2 Simple low-maintenance landscaping would be the way to go, nice benches and a lamp or two to keep it lit at night. A place where people can gather and watch their kids or converse with friends. If people were serious about volleyball it wouldn't be in the state it's in, get rid of it.

  8. Option 2 is a flawless option. Some gravel and a fire pit area with surrounding seating/benches would be fabulous! Too bad a dog fence area is not even a serious option - as it is people don't pick up after their pets now, but that would be a nice dream.

    Side note: Can we change the current common areas to be more maintenance free? When/where do we start that conversation?

  9. Cory,
    Can you please explain what you mean by your side note which said Can we change the current common areas to be more maintenance free? Thanks, Jim Livingood, Block 1

  10. Folks,
    This morning I ran into Fred Swartzendruber, the HC Board President, and he advised that the Cluster was going with Option 2,low maintenance landscaping, for the volleyball court. Jim Livingood, Block 1

  11. With the close proximity to North Shore Drive it is a prime location for drug dealers. We should not make it an inviting meeting place; certainly we should not have any type of shelter!

    The volleyball court has been a "staging area" over and over for dredging and utility work. with this in mind, most of the area should remain open. An open area will also provide a good line of sight from the road and allow law enforcement the ability to visually inspect the area from the road.

  12. I did not know that the area currently was an open air drug market.

  13. I have lived near the volleyball court in Block 1 for over 25 years and this is the first I have heard about that area being an open air drug market. Jim Livingood, Block 1

  14. Jim,

    I think that's my point in addressing the anon comment from 5:21. An undifferentiated fear that drug-dealers might one day use the area with no history of such activity and no real likelihood if such activity occurring in the future is not a rational reason to dictate the design choices of the space.

    It should be designed so that we the residents of Hickory cluster will derive use and enjoyment from it.

    Let's not factor in the worries of one anonymous poster in deciding how this resource should be used.

    -Sean Joyner Block 3

  15. Sean, Agree. Jim Livingood, Block 1


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