Friday, November 12, 2010

HC Stream Restoration Plan Presentation to the DRB on November 16th, 7-9PM

RA's Design Review Board (DRB) will hear the WSSI presentation on the HC stream restoration project and replacement bridge at the next monthly meeting, November 16th 7-9PM.

Note From SCCI:
Frank (WSSI) will give the presentation, but please encourage HCA members to sign up to speak so DRB has an opportunity to hear the thoughts from the community.
Stream Restoration Proposal
Apologies for the quality of some of the slides.

Follow up: DRB Meeting Summary by Fred S.
Tuesday evening the DRB voted to approve the preliminary design for the stream restoration, including the bridge proposal. WSSI will come back to DRB for information updates as the plans move forward, and final approval of detailed design including bridge details. No significant issues were raised and there was not much discussion by the DRB members. One new piece of information is that the adjacent Vantage Hill stream looks as if it will not go forward due to lack of cooperation from VDOT which is reluctant to accept an easement along Baron Cameron Ave. ("in case they ever need to widen the avenue").


  1. "in case they ever need to widen the avenue" That sounds ominous and bad.

  2. The engineers at Wetland Studies and Solutions didn't think this was very likely, since Baron Cameron already has four lanes and a median. It seems VDOT was being overly cautious. It is a huge bureaucracy, after all. In fact, the people who were contacted there admitted they didn't even know how to handle an easement request of this kind. My sense was that the easiest action for them was to opt out, rather than figure out how to go about reviewing a request and then making a decision.



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