Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Graffiti Problem
My wife Anna saw this and I have reported it to RA as well as the police.

HC residents need to be on the look out for this type of graffiti and report it to the RA and police as soon as they see it. We need to have zero tolerance for this and it requires the vigilance and persistence of our community. Others in HC should also put pressure on the police and RA to remove it. We should also ask our police for increased patrols of the bike path. The more calls from our community the greater the likelihood that something will be done.

Perhaps a neighborhood watch should be set up. If there is one already set up, who's in charge of it and how can we get involved? We can't let the pathways and woods behind our houses, or the plaza become gang territory.
Sean Joyner


  1. Sean,
    Periodically graffiti has shown up on that wall for years under NorthShore. Not sure if anyone has ever been caught, but the police are aware of this problem. If you see folks doing this suggest you call the police and not confront them as the real MS13 folks are not good to tangle with. I walk by there daily about 5AM and do carry a big stick. RA has been very good about cleaning it up very quickly. I have lived in HC 25 years and do see an upsurge in graffiti in the last few years in the area. -- jim livingood, HC, Block 1

  2. Folks,
    I spotted new graffiti (in red and white paint) today, 28 Oct, about 1 PM on the wall under NorthShore Dr and reported it to RA and Fairfax County Police. It was not there yesterday. --jim livingood, Block 1, HC

  3. Folks,
    New graffiti (MS13 in large blue letters) spotted today, Dec 30, on the wall under Northshore Drive and reported to RA and Fairfax County Police. --jim livingood, Block 1, HC


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