Thursday, October 8, 2009

Church Easement: Not Approved

After the votes were counted last night, it was announced that there were less than the 2/3 (60) ballots required. Therefore, the church easement vote was not approved. The church pastor stated that the church would most likely not ask Hickory Cluster to do another vote on the easement in the future.

The church is planning on having a new access into their property from North Shore Drive where the current rectory is but because of the easement vote it will only be a one-way access going into the church.

There was some new explanation by the church representatives about changes that will have to be made in their parking lot plans with the inclusion of a "roundabout" so their traffic can turn around on the property to use their now sole exit. The church pastor posed that this might be more disruptive to HC residents due to the added headlight disturbance at night.

There was also some discussion about status of the church designs with the Reston Association Design Review Board (DRB). It seems that there may be more opportunities for HC resident's concerns to be heard at future meetings on the church plans. The church has not, as it was previously understood, had final approval from the DRB. Check the blog for more information on this to come.


  1. Thank you, Sara, for this great review of the church proposal and vote. I appreciate it as I was not able to attend the meeting.
    I hope the church officials understand our reasons for disappoving their North Shore access proposal. All other reasons aside, the safety issue at that point on North shore is a huge concern...for them as well as for us.
    Alice Abrash

  2. it's heartening to hear that we still have a chance to share our concerns over the design modifications up for review by the DRB.

  3. It's critical that everyone voice any concerns they have over this expansion. Just so others can have some idea of how intrusive the church is already at night, here are two links to recent photos taken on my iPhone at night of headlights from the church parkinglot (un-enhanced, un-edited, un-altered). And bear in mind this is from about 150' away through the woods and prior to ALL leaves being down.
    Shot directly at car headlight in the current parking lot

    Car headlight on the back wall of our 1st floor dining room

    From these you begin to get an idea of just how bright car lights will be at night, especially when they're about 5 times closer to people's bedrooms towards the front of the cluster. Not to mention, the church itself will have a huge tall glass facade facing the homes beaming light out through what once was woods, but will have no natural or other barriers when completed.


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