Friday, August 21, 2009

HC Green Areas: Please Comment

Hi Folks-
Below is a HC beautification suggestion from one of our HC resident, Eric L. Many have had ideas along these lines in the past but Eric has formalized them here. Let us know what you think... could be fun and can only improve the fabulous HC! Perhaps we could address this at the September 16th HC board Mtg.

Hickory Cluster Garden Adoption & Competition
Hickory Cluster is great, but it can be better. One area that seems neglected and far from fulfilling their potential are the cluster gardens. The size and number of these gardens (and associated common areas) are unique to Hickory - and a huge asset. Nevertheless, but with a few notable exceptions, the gardens today are over grown and look unkempt.

I’d like to propose a three-part idea to change this:

Garden Adoption
Each garden can be ‘adopted’ by one to four homes, creating a garden team. Small plaques would be made to show identify which homes (Teams) have adopted which gardens.

Seed Money
Each garden team would get a small amount (for example, $200) from the Hickory Board to get started. The teams could add to this amount - and possibly develop fun and creative fund raising (e.g., a garden BBQ or dinner party fund raiser?).

Spring and Fall Garden Competitions & Party
Twice a year a competition would be held for the best cluster garden. A panel of independent judges would be assembled (e.g., Robert Simon?) to tour cluster and rate each garden on a set of criteria. Afterwards, there would be a cluster BBQ/party where the results would be announced and award given out.

I see the Hickory Garden Competition both raising the beauty of the neighborhood, and further fostering a great sense of Cluster community.

- Eric L.
11520 Maple Ridge

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