Friday, September 21, 2012

Block III EIFS Painting & Railing Repairs

Update:  Work will likely begin on Friday, 9/21 with the EIFS and painting.
Reston Painting and Contracting will begin work on the 'plaza' area of Block III the week of September 17, 2012 for approximately two weeks. They will be repairing & painting the stoop railings and painting the EIFS & railings 'Asteroid'.  They will also be painting the wall-mounted handrails throughout HC.

For the railing work, the contractor will need two weeks of access to the Block III plaza railings.  Please move any planters and furniture on or against the railings so they can be painted.
The railings will be painted with oil-based paint.  Reston Painting will be posting "Wet Paint" caution signs.  Note: Oil-based paint does not come off clothing!

Thank you.


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