Friday, June 8, 2012

Block III EIFS Painting and Repair

The area of Block III where the old garage & plaza deck were removed has walls that are surfaced by a synthetic stucco material called EIFS.  Over the years the material has discolored and has developed areas in need of repair.  Many residents (most? all?) have expressed their dislike of the current EIFS color. 

RA would like HC to do the much needed painting and repairing of the EIFS.  The HC board is getting ready to move forward with the project which will include the painting and repair of the railings of the 'new' stoops created after the garage removal. 

Please note: All the stoop railings are to be painted white with balusters (spindles) painted 'Asteroid'.

To change the EIFS color and get the approval of RA's Design Review Board, the board chose two existing colors in the Hickory Cluster palette of colors; Duron colors 'Asteroid' and 'Train Smoke'.

There are large swatch samples painted right on the EIFS in Block III and this is the most reliable way to view the colors as computer screens can differ in how they display color. 

Also for reference, the newly painted 'mushroom' lamp posts throughout the cluster are painted 'Train Smoke'.  And 'Asteroid' is the color designated for most of the metal work on our homes.
Below are color swatches and simulated photos of the EIFS with the two colors.

Please let us know what you think by giving your color preference as a comment of this post.
Thank you!

ASTEROID Duron 5414D


Train Smoke
Train Smoke


  1. I think Asteroid looks better in the long-run. Train Smoke absorbs too much light.

  2. I also think Asteroid is the best. Great job coloring the photos!
    Ann Youngren

  3. I prefer Train Smoke. It seems to blend in better with the colors around it.

    Martina White, 11579 Maple Ridge

  4. I prefer Asteroid, but wonder why keeping the peachy color isn't in consideration?

  5. At the annual meeting last month I believe Pam Herring said she liked the existing color, but several others wanted something else. It would be good to get more input from neighbors, esp. those living closest to the EIFS.

    Fred Swartzendruber

  6. Agree with Fred, poll the folks living in the "new garage" area of Block 3. They will be the ones living with the color.

  7. We are polling the folks with the EIFS directly (The Youngrens sent out a flyer, thank you to them!) People not on the EIFS are not required to respond, we're just letting folks know in case they do have an opinion as the choice does have some impact on the whole cluster.

    I like the Asteroid (lighter color).

  8. Great. Glad folks with EIFS are being polled.
    Should be their decision since the will live with the color. I will defer to their judgement. Jim Livingood, Block 1

  9. I live in old garage area, and I think both gray options are too institutional looking for a residential community. I suggest we paint a 3rd option, Ranch Mink (look at your outside dryer vent), along side the other 2 options. I think the reddish hue would match the upper bricks better. Pam Herring

  10. Why did the Board choose the two colors, asteroid and train smoke, before polling the EIFS residents? Since we all are paying for this feel this is a legitimate question.-Jim Livingood, Block 1

  11. Hi Ralph,
    Are we limited to these two choices? I feel they are both quite dreary given the vast, unbroken surfaces upon which they would be applied. If we have to choose, the darker color goes better, but it will make the place look like a prison, I think. I would prefer the peach color or something similar that goes with the brick color.
    Thanks for the colored images!

  12. Train Smoke and Asteroid were seen as alternatives to the existing peach color because they are already in the Hickory Cluster color palette. If the residents who are going to have to look at every day have a different idea -- Pam suggested Ranch Mink, also a HC color -- the board would certainly take that into consideration. Since the current color was approved by the Reston Association Design Review Board we will need their approval for any change.


  13. Greg, thanks for the clarification JL blk 1

  14. A color with a red tint that matches the brickwork would be better than Train Smoke or Asteroid.

  15. Is a quality brick siding worth considering?

    1. The EIFS will need replacing in 5-10 years. EIFS is no longer available so a new product will have to be chosen. This will be an expensive project. It's a good idea (especially for the folks who live on the EIFS) to start thinking of options and looking for alternative products, like brick veneer, soon.

  16. That is good to know and a cheerful thought. Another expensive garage project coming up!

  17. Have to say initially I thought train smoke would better mast mask the stains, and for a longer time.

    Now having seeing a larger patch painted, my vote is for Asteroid.

    Even though it's likely to stain I don't believe it would be any less apparent on the darker color. The gray tones are colder than the red brick so perfectly understand people's concerns with not using a warm tone, but I dislike the current pinkish hue reminiscent of McDonald's bathroom tile from the 80's. So between the two choices proposed I'll go with Asteroid and I think it'll be ok with the red brick since it's in fair use already and similar to the concrete.

    If we introduce another color as an option, then I would recommend the light gray used for the concrete beams which is an even better match with the concrete terraces in front.

    Raymond Merrill
    Block 3


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