Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DRB Approves Aqua, VA Cooling Tower Proposal

Drawing submitted by Aqua, VA of the proposed cooling tower installation as seen from  the tennis courts.
At last night's DRB meeting, the DRB voted to approve the addition of the cooling tower structure proposed by Aqua, VA to be added to the current RELAC facility. The cooling towers are intended to increase the efficiency of the operation and eliminate the need for the diesel generator at times of low lake water levels. The proposal includes sound proofing/noise reduction features designed to keep any additional plant noise levels down.

Aqua, VA will now have to decide whether to green light the project. If they do, they will start the permit process and then hope to start construction in the Spring with the goal of being operational before a diesel generator becomes necessary this coming season.

Aqua Letter
More Drawings


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  2. Not sure who to ask - renting in Hickory cluster and the house is an oven...when does this RELAC thing start working? Water is "turned on." but not sure when they start cooling. From what I see on-line, I've not read ONE SINGLE testimonial that the extraordinarily outdated system works at all. I'm envisioning spending 100s of dollars per month (not including what is being paid to Aqua) to run the electrical systems that move the air through the home in order to get the temps where they need to to Home Depot to buy fans - seems poor policy and technology have converged. I'm more than willing to be re-educated on this...

  3. I tried my system this evening. There appears to be chilled water flowing through the pipes, though the temperature may not be cold enough to give effective cooling to some houses. Experience has been mixed over the years, with some residents satisfied and others not. I sent two emails to Aqua VA to ask about status of plans for installing the cooling towers but have had no response so far. If I learn anything I will post it here.

    Fred Swartzendruber


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