Saturday, January 15, 2011

HC Volleyball Court Renovation

Hello Neighbors,
When the Hickory Cluster Stream Restoration project is completed (projected to be some time in 2012), the WSSI staging area that is the existing common area volleyball court adjacent to North Shore Drive will need to be renovated as well.  The cost of the renovation will be covered by the stream mitigation banking fund responsible for the stream restoration project.

The HC Board is requesting resident ideas/input on the volleyball court restoration.  Do we...
(1) rebuild the volleyball court,
(2) re-landscape it to become part of the surrounding landscaped common area, or
(3) create another to-be-determined type of Hickory Cluster common area outdoor space?

What do YOU think Hickory Cluster should do with the volleyball court AFTER Stream Restoration work is complete?  Please share your comments here and identify your comment with your name and Block#.  If you'd rather keep your suggestion private, please send them to any of the board members at the email adresses at right.

Thank you,
Hickory Cluster Board