Friday, December 2, 2011

HC Cluster Clean-Up, 12/3 & 12/4

Time for Cluster Cleanup ... 9:00am to 1:00pm, Saturday and Sunday, December 3-4.  Rain dates are December 10-11.  Here's what we need your help to do:
BLOCK 1 ... stack tree debris, pull tree debris from the pond, cut and remove ivy on guest parking area trees, remove brush from around a power box, and more
BLOCK 2 ... stack tree debris, cut and remove ivy on trees guest parking area trees, and more
BLOCK 3 ... stack tree debris, remove brush from around a power box, and more
Please contact LC Co-Chairmen Michael Smith or Michael Poss before or during the cleanup for more information on how you can help.


  1. Might get more participation if you let folks know about the Cleanup a few weeks in advance.
    Also, a circular to each house helps.

  2. Works both ways. Too far in advance, and people forget. Regardless, everyone is very busy. Early or late, results seem the same, year after year. Sara sent emails to everyone on her list earlier this week. LC members have been talking with neighbors about special projects for awhile. Flyers went to Block 2 yesterday, should be to Block 3 today, hopefully Block 1 as well. Since you post anonymously, we don't know with whom you should coordinate. Contact Michael Smith or me for more. Looking forward to your help this weekend.

  3. I don't mind helping out with keeping our community beautiful and it's good to see the neighbors, however some of the things listed as needing attention seem to be things that should be covered under our landscaping and tree contracts (which we pay a LOT of money for). I'd prefer to spend my time "beautifying" our cluster and not doing "work" that our contractors should be responsible for.

  4. These items are extra and not covered by our grounds contract. We have other critical priorities for the tree and very limited landscape budgets. The original Hickory Cluster modern landscape as designed and implemented by world famous architects WAS beautiful, and still can be. Maintenance is critical. It can be 80 per cent of life cycle costs. And many residents believe we should better maintain what we already have ... or had. More uncoordinated and inconsistent planting that requires more and more maintenance is part of the problem. As before, glad to speak with you in person about all this. Too much to type. Hope you'll join us this weekend anyway.

  5. Agree, but you are preaching to the choir.

  6. I love to see folks participating in the comments section on this site but as I've mentioned before, it's best for all if people identify themselves in their comments. If folks don't identify, I'll have to restrict the comments to members/followers (easily done via right sidebar.)

  7. Thanks Michael. I will reach out to some of the board members about my concerns.

    However, I have not seen the landscaping people at our cluster in several weeks (prior to this week). I also find it unusual that a landscaping and tree contractor would not include picking up branches and ensuring the health of the trees by removing ivy, etc. as part of their essential services. So, I'm not sure we're getting our money's worth out of these contractors.

    I guess this may be my calling to get more involved so that I can help select/manage/review our contracts.

  8. The existing grounds contract was approved in 2009 and runs through 2012. The current volunteer Landscape Committee was formed in 2011 and is already addressing a number of pre-existing contract issues, including how to make better use of our limited resources. In addition, three or four of us have professional landscape, and/or contracts, and/or project management backgrounds. And we are consulting with other landscape professionals. There is MUCH to do. So if you'd REALLY like to collaborate with the Landscape Committee on these and other issues, please talk with us DIRECTLY. And feel free to attend the monthly LC meeting. We share your concerns.

  9. Hope everyone looking for a little exercise on a sunny day can make it on Saturday and/or Sunday. Projects include; gathering fallen branches, removing the branches from the pond (four wheel drive with hitch desired for dragging these out), removing overgrown bushes, cutting dead dogwoods at entrance to Maple Ridge, cutting down a dead tree behind 11501, and killing ivy by cutting vines on trees. All great fun.
    Seriously we need your participation.
    Michael Smith

  10. Suggestion re: Landscaping.
    Post the Landscaping contract here and let all us dues paying residents see what the landscapers are responsible for and how much they are paid for these tasks. This kind of transparency might help people understand the situation.


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