Monday, August 15, 2011

Hickory Cluster Board Special Meeting Called TONIGHT 8/15

Special HC Board Meeting Monday, August 15th @ 7pm.
Meeting Place: TWC Association Management, 12110 Sunset Hills Rd., Suite 60 in Reston.

Reston Association's full Design Review Board will be considering the proposed renovation details for 11501 Maple Ridge Road during its next meeting on August 16, 2011.  The DRB meeting starts at 7pm @ RA headquarters.  This is planned as agenda item #6 so please be prepared for a wait.

The 11501 Maple Ridge proposal is a major re-construction project.  The HC board's general position is that any renovation should follow the original architectural design as closely as possible, and any modifications such as enclosing a balcony, should follow existing precedents in keeping with the original architecture. We have already conveyed this previously in writing and in meetings with RA's covenants advisor for Hickory Cluster but this was prior to the revised design produced by the owners' new architect.

The 11501 MR renovation plans are made complicated by the scope of the reconstruction and the fact that the homeowners proposed a roof design in 1998 which was approved by the DRB (the then HC board objected to the design but it was approved by DRB, apparently without HC board awareness at the time). The homeowner's current architect has new drawings of the reconstruction.

Questions/concerns the HC board will discuss at a 8/14 meeting with the new drawings:
* Do the new roof drawings match those approved by the DRB in 1999?
* Will the roof elevation be visible from the ground or by neighbors?
* Do the windows and new enclosure match the original HC architecture and/or other precedents?
* Will all the incorrect window work that has been done to date by the previous contractor be taken out and replaced?

11501 MR homeowners and their architect have been invited to attend the special HC board meeting.

August 16, 2011 UPDATE:
DRB did not approve the proposed renovations to 11501 MR.  DRB asked that the homeowners appear in one month with proposed changes that follow HC standards and precedents as well as a renovation schedule/time-line.


  1. Can't wait for this to be done, it's a real eye sore. This is why you do your homework first to avoid these types of issues.

  2. Agree, poor communication compounded this situation. As I type this, I can see the roof from my window about 30 feet away and the roof elevation is definitely visible. However, not too worried about the roof and just hope they get this eye sore corrected soon. I would hope the DRB would ask the same questions that the HC Board will ask tonight. I attended the last DRB meeting in April when 11501 was discussed and recall they were quite firm in maintaining the integrity of the architecture. The neighbors just want the house repaired. Perfection is not necessary.
    --jim livingood, Block 1 HC

  3. Hopefully there are sanctions that can be applied to prevent this renovation plan/project from dragging on indefinitely. The homeowners were told at the Spring DRB meeting that
    the window and roof changes were not acceptable
    and to come in with a plan. No acceptable plan was presented at the Aug DRB meeting.
    Jim Livingood -Block 1

  4. The full DRB has 11501 MR on its agenda tomorrow night, 20 Sept, to discuss roof and window plans.


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