Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stream Restoration: New Bridge Design Options

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the WSSI stream restoration presentation and Hickory Cluster walk and to WSSI for their comprehensive presentation and informational walk. 

As part of the stream restoration, WSSI will replace the failing HC bridge (at the duck pond).  HC residents have presented two options that are quite different and there was discussion at yesterday's meeting about the options.  The HC board will further discuss these two options at the monthy meeting this Wednesday (10/20/10) 7:30PM at TWC offices.  If any residents are interested in the discussion, please attend this meeting.  Two Important Notes:  1. Any bridge design that HC chooses will still have to be approved by the RA Design Review Board.  2. The existing bridge design can not be replicated as it does not meet existing FX Cty code.

Option #1: A wooden planked footbed bridge with metal railings that are the same as the new HC railings found throughout HC.  This option will make a bold statement and announce that this is not simply another Reston bridge but Hickory Cluster specifically. 
Option #2:  A wood bridge that will blend in with the wooded surroundings and have detail elements that echo existing details on other HC elements such as the Goodman designed swingsets along the path.


  1. Sara,
    Thanks for posting the info about the two bridge options. Both are attractive for different reasons. Imagine maintenance support costs will weigh heavily on the selection process. Nice that the residents are providing design input. jim livingood, Block 1

  2. On behalf of Bob Anderson:
    I have a comment on what I understand to be up for a final decision by the Board on Wednesday night, i.e., the bridge design. I believe rather strongly
    that the wooden design is the appropriate design. The woods with the stream running through it are an important part of the Hickory Cluster property, but this area is quite separate from the three blocks of townhouses. There is absolutely no need to link it to a design similar to the new white railings. It would be a mistake to try to do so.

    Bob Anderson

  3. I agree with Bob. A wooden bridge that blends in with the environment is the most appropriate.
    jim livingood, Block 1

  4. Does anyone know if the Board made a decision last night about the bridge design? -jim livingood, block 1

  5. Bob Anderson advised that the Board selected the wooden bridge on Wed evening.

  6. The Board agreed to proceed with Ralph Youngren's design for a wooden bridge which would be consistent with the design of the swingsets, without the brass caps on the bridges being used by WSSI elsewhere in Reston. However, this still has to get through DRB review.

    - Fred Swartzendruber

  7. OT but related:

    Is there any plan to renovate the Goodman designed swingsets?

    They are in rather poor shape.

  8. Sean,

    I am proposing that we will refurbish or rebuild the swingsets in parallel with the bridge construction. Ralph's bridge design draws from the swings, so it makes sense to have them looking as attractive as we can. You may want to attend the DRB hearing Tuesday evening.



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