Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RELAC Rate Increase Will Stand

The Hearing Examiner's Report can be seen here and the following is a summary by Steve Sinclair from Fairfax County
The Hearing Examiner's report came out [August 4th]. The hearing examiner granted the rate increase agreed to in the stipulation (between the SCC and the company).

The Hearing Examiner also recommends directing RELAC to implement certain quality of service measurements. We think that is progress, but not strong enough and we may submit comments to that affect.

Excerpted below are several Findings and Recommendations of interest.

(16) In accordance with the Stipulation, RELAC should continue to provide written information to assist customers in properly maintaining their own equipment;

(17) RELAC should be directed to train its personnel to record accurately and consistently, information already required by its plant record forrns, especially as to supply and return temperatures and pressures, and outside temperatures;

(18) RELAC should be directed to record supply temperatures and pressures, and outside temperatures when the Company makes inspections or answers service complaint calls at customer premises;

(19) RELAC should be directed to document quality of service complaint calls, including whether the cooling issues customers reported resulted from problems in the system or inadequate maintenance/operation of internal units or other factors in the home;

(20) RELAC should be directed to establish a web page on the Aqua America website to provide customers with preventive maintenance information and with contact information; and

(21) RELAC should be directed to continue its discussions with neighborhood cluster presidents, with Staff and Fairfax County given an opportunity to participate in such discussions.

Any additional questions, please let me know. By the way, only formal parties to the case (and there are only 3) may file comments on the Hearing Examiner's report. However, if customers want to forward their comments to us, we will consider including them, if appropriate.

Steve Sinclair

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  1. Lots of things that "should be directed" I assume by Fairfax County. Wonder how these are to be enforced when directed? Lots of nice words.


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