Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RELAC Rate Increase Hearing 5/3/10

The Fairfax County hearing addressing the proposed RELAC/Aqua Virginia rate hike occurred on May 3rd, 2010. Thank you to those who were able to attend the meeting and share comments & concerns with the State Corporation Commission.

If you did attend the meeting, you are encouraged to comment to this post (all others welcome too, of course). Below is a link to the HC president's comments presented at the hearing.

Comments of HC president Fred Schwartzendruber presented at the hearing.


  1. I wonder what the impact of the golf course's Lake Anne water use is on RELAC service. Could the lower water levels be contributing to faulty pipes/systems as well as the poor cooling on the hottest days? If so, what & how long is the agreement RA has with the golf course and would it be worth approaching RA to ask that the golf course be limited or cut off?

  2. Sara,

    There was actually a court case over this, unfortunately Reston Association lost. They had sued the Golf Course to prevent them drawing down the lake water level during hot and dry weather, but the court ruled that under the original agreement between Hidden Creek and Gulf Reston, the club had right to unrestricted use of the water. Aqua has talked about taking this up with the Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality, since under today's laws there is really no such thing as "unrestricted" use rights, but I do not know if anything was done.

    Fred Swartzendruber

  3. Very well written comments Fred.
    Thank you for taking the time to present them to the VA SCC.

    Sean Joyner

  4. It would be very interesting to see RELAC's response to Fred's extremely well written comments. My guess is that RELAC probably did not even respond. -- jim livingood, Block 1 HC

  5. Those comments were addressed to the VA SCC and not RELAC.

  6. Sean,
    You are right as usual, but only RELAC has the answers to those questions and I imagine that RELAC is aware of the comments. Just suggesting that it would be helpful to the community to have RELAC's slant on Fred's well written comments. - jim livingood, block 1 HC


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