Thursday, March 25, 2010

RELAC Rate Increase Meeting with Fairfax County Staff on 3/22/10

RELAC customers met with Fairfax county staff at Reston Association headquarters on Monday evening March, 22, 2010.

RELAC Rate Case no. PUE-2009-00129
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The RELAC case has not been heard yet but an interim rate increase was granted by VA to effect customers beginning with the 2010 season. Notification was sent to all customers in January detailing the rate increase. Should RELAC lose their case, they will be required to reimburse customers for the rate increase.

Fairfax County staff working on the case:
Marilyn McHugh, Assistant County Attorney

Steve Sinclair, Chief, Public Utilities Branch, Department of Cable and Consumer Services, 703-324-5955

Susan Hafeli, Utilities Analyst, Public Utilities Branch, Department of Cable and Consumer Services

Important dates coming up...
April 8
RELAC rebuttal deadline to answer concerns already addressed to them by Fairfax County.

April 13
Deadline for all written comments to be submitted. Online Submission Link Case #PUE-2009-00129

April 20
Initial hearing in Richmond, VA. RELAC will be make statements and be cross examined... Public statements welcome.

May 3
Public hearing at Fairfax County Government Center, Conference rooms 2 & 3 at 7pm. Public statements welcome.

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