Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hickory Cluster Stream Restoration

Email note from Wetland Studies & Solutions, Inc sent in response to an inquiry from Jim Livingood in Block 1:

We are currently preparing the preliminary stream restoration plan for Hickory Cluster. The restoration in Hickory Cluster is complicated by two factors: 1) The stream pattern is currently instable with several sharp curves. This places increased stress on the stream banks, furthering erosion. 2) There are several sanitary sewer lines located within or crossing the stream. The stream has even eroded enough to expose manholes. Because of these two factors, restoration in Hickory Cluster will involve smoothing the curves to create a stable stream pattern and pulling the stream away from exposed utilities as best as possible with a minimum of tree impacts. At this point, we do not know the number of trees that will be cut or which trees specifically will be removed. This information will be calculated once we finish the first version of the preliminary plan. Then we will arrange a public meeting with the Cluster to discuss the alternatives that are possible, including any specific tree impacts. We expect to be able to have an interactive discussion(s) on the design and these types of potential impacts. As soon as we are close to asking for a meeting - the project Reach engineer, Russ Dudley, will make sure that you are copied on the request so that we are sure to have you included in the process.

Mike Rolband, Wetland Studies & Solutions, Inc

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