Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome to the Hickory Cluster Blog

The goal of this blog is have an information resource for Hickory Cluster residents on topics ranging from recommended contractors to RELAC.

Submit anything you would like to post on the blog to me at sara.bradley@comcast.net Posts to the blog will be made at the discretion of the Hickory Cluster board.

Right now, anyone can publish a comment to any post. Our hope is that comments will always be constructive and considerate. If that changes, we will switch to moderated comments.

Subscribe to Blog
This blog is hosted for free by Google. In the bottom right corner are two pull down menus for subscribing to this blog via Google, Yahoo and a few others. If you sign up for free to igoogle (or one of the other offerings on the menu) you can track new activity on the blog. This frees you up from having to come to the site to see if there is new information. You can also subscribe to the Hickory Cluster Calendar via Google by scrolling down to the bottom of the calendar. To sign up for igoogle, you must first have a gmail account (this is free) linked to your own email account.
Note: I have never gotten an email from google or anyone else via my gmail account. It simply allows you to access benefits of igoogle, etc.

I will try to label posts accurately so anyone coming to the blog can find out more about a certain topic can click on the topic under "labels" in the right column and see all the posts on that subject.

Email List
I am compiling an email list of Hickory Cluster residents to occasionally send out emails about important events or concerns affecting our cluster. If you would like to have your email on this list, please email me your:
Thank you,

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