Friday, July 24, 2009

Indoor Recreation Resolution Means Brown's Chapel Park Won't Be Considered

Brown’s Chapel Park is now “off the table” in any plans for an indoorrecreational facility in Reston. In a seven to two vote, the Board of Directors voted to “discontinue further discussion of constructing anindoor recreation facility at Brown’s chapel Park.”At the July 23, 2009 meeting, the board also ruled out leasing, deeding or transferring any part of Brown’s Chapel Park to Fairfax County or any other entity. However, the measure also leaves open the door for future upgrades tothe park’s ball fields, pavilions, equipment and picnic facilities.The measure calls for concluding the relationship with consulting firm Brailsford & Dunlavey, which conducted a market feasibility study ofindoor recreation. Additionally, the resolution encourages acontinued working relationship with Reston Community Center to exploreoptions for providing year-round recreation.The move comes on the heels of four community-wide meetings in which many citizens said they would support indoor recreation but would notbe in favor of giving up “open space” to achieve that goal. Community responses to surveys conducted during those meetings arebeing compiled for presentation to the board and community in the fall.