Saturday, July 21, 2012

Glorious Rain

Two+ days of rain providing some relief to Hickory Cluster and Lake Anne water levels.

There are lots of great photographers in HC. Please forward your HC pics to the website for sharing.

Update: RA reports Lake Anne water level rose 4" as a result the recent rains!

Friday, July 20, 2012

RA Statement on RELAC

A Statement to Reston Association Members who rely upon the RELAC cooling system

Reston Association is currently actively working on a way to bring immediate relief to our residents who are customers on the RELAC system. It relies on the waters of LakeAnne to air condition about 600 homes along the lake.

We are in an unusual situation, one brought on by extremely high temperatures and drought.

Reston’s first priority is the health  and comfort of our residents. We are keenly sympathetic to those are affected by this situation

We are closely working with Aqua Virginia and Aqua America, the utility company that owns and manages the RELAC system. We are also working with the neighborhood associations most affected by the lower than usual lake levels and high temperatures. The goal is to find an immediate solution, such as adding a temporary second pump, which Aqua Virginia is prepared to do.

A complicating factor is that the private golf course won litigation several years ago, giving the course unfettered access to Lake Anne’s waters for irrigation. This is per the deed of the developer. Reston Association has not been successful in our attempts to work with the golf course management.

Reston Association is working with the affected homeowners to find a way to meet the immediate need. As we focus our attention on the short-term, immediate needs of the community, know that we are organizing a task force of residents and Reston Association staff/leadership to determine the next steps to meet the long terms need. Again, our primary concern is the well-being of our residents.

Thank you,
Ken Knueven, President
Reston Association Board of Directors

Lake Anne Water Level Low, Impacting RELAC Performance

Article by the Reston Patch's Karen Goff sums up the RELAC situation to date.

Low Lake Anne Levels Concern RELAC Users

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ukulele Festival Today 7/14/12

Come on over to Lake Anne Plaza! Great ukulele talents and terrific refreshments until 5:30!
Aloha  Boys
Paul Hemmings Uketet

Victoria Vox

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reston's Derecho Storm Came with 79mph Winds

Many trees had limbs twisted and snapped off, these between Block III & II were uprooted. 
The damaged Goodman swing by the Lake Anne Elementary path.
Update: Blocks I & II power returned Tuesday night.  At last!

Hickory Cluster sustained 79mph winds during the June 29th Derecho storm. Block I and II without power from 11pm Friday night (still out as of Tuesday afternoon.)  A few homes sustained damage but thankfully no reports of anyone getting hurt!

Resources and closings notice from Supervisor Hudgins.
What is Derecho?  From NOAA Site

Thanks to board members Greg Gallardo and Michael Poss for their quick action in contacting Blade Runners on Saturday morning.  Cluster thanks also to Michael Poss for going around the cluster with Blade Runners to identify problem areas.

Blade Runners started working removing trees, branches and large debris beginning on July 1st.  They'll be back to clean up the smaller leaves and twigs on their regularly scheduled mowing date.

Please call TWC with reports or concerns about cluster trees still in need of attention.
(Urgent? Press 4 and leave a call back number.)