Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Cluster Clean-Up: April 14 & 15

Cluster clean-up has been scheduled for the weekend of April 14-15.  
Save the date & details to come. 

Landscape Committee Update

Winter was warm.  Spring was early.  Everything is growing sooner and faster than planned.

Our Blade Runners rep advised us March 12 that "The spring clean-ups are being scheduled now and I will make sure to get Hickory Cluster on a route ASAP!"

In addition, yesterday we scheduled a Spring Cluster Clean Up for Saturday and Sunday, April 14-15.

Please plan ahead, and stay tuned for more information ... 

-- Michael L. Poss
Hickory Cluster Board, Landscape Committee

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UCP Church: Lights & Landscaping

HC board member Ralph Youngren met with UCP representatives on behalf of the board with concerns about the church lights and car headlights on facing HC Block III residents.  See his notes below.

"I met with Bob Bain and other representatives of the United Christian Parish of Reston on Tuesday Mar 13 at 2:00PM.

In our previous meetings I had a concern about parking lot lights and car headlights shining into Hickory Cluster at night. 

I found that the parking lot lights are focused away from HC, and there is a great deal of new plantings, evergreen varieties to shield the cars. The planting will begin in about two weeks. When everything is in place, the church will be open to suggestions from us to adjust any problem."

-Ralph Youngren
Hickory Cluster Board

Charles Goodman in the News & the 2012 Hollin Hills Home & Garden Tour

One of Hollin Hills’ iconic mid-century modern homes designed by architect Charles Goodman. (Karl Ericson)
Back on February 14th, Hickory Cluster (with a link to this site!) was mentioned in a Washington Post Real Estate Section article on Charles Goodman. Check it out here.

View a sampling of Goodman's Hollin Hills homes up close at the 2012 Hollin Hills House & Garden Tour scheduled for April 28th (12-6pm).