Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HC Stream Restoration Information Meeting Scheduled, Sat. Oct 16th, 10:30am @ RCC-LA

WSSI has sent out an information packet to all HC residents explaining the proposed stream restoration project and announcing the information meeting on Sat. Oct. 16 at 10:30am, in Room C of the Lake Anne Community Center. Click to view the documents one and two.

Informational Meeting and HC Stream Walk:
10:30 on Sat. Oct. 16, in Room C of the Lake Anne Community Center.
Coffee and pastries provided.

There will be a presentation by WSSI and a question and answer session, followed by a guided walk through the restoration area to discuss the details, including trees to be removed, how the stream will be modified, etc.
To: Hickory Cluster Homeowners

From: Bob Anderson, Block II

The Stream Restoration Information Meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, October 16th (Lake Anne Community Center, Room C at 10:30 AM). This is a very important meeting for all Cluster homeowners. Without getting into any detail on the project, I just want to say a few things at this time. This is a huge project and it will result in a major improvement in the natural area running along the stream between Blocks I and Blocks II. When it is completed it will do more than restore the stream to its original beauty, in my view; it will be a very substantial enhancement. In addition to providing an attractive space that we should all like to visit from time to time it will add to the value of the Hickory Cluster Property. During the time that the work is being done there will some pain from noise, the disappearance of trees, and the unsightliness of earth moving equipment, but if all goes according to plan it should be accomplished within 2 to 3 months. I almost forgot a not insignificant point is that this change for the better will be at no cost to Hickory Cluster homeowners.

Now with this major change for the better about to get underway perhaps it is time for us to take stock of our own immediate surroundings – i.e. our own privately owned homes and property. What might we each do to maintain our own homes and property better?  Hickory Cluster is a class act, its houses created by an award-winning architect – Charles Goodman. Isn’t it time for us to make a special effort to ensure the future of this very special place by looking toward our own self-interest and the common interest, too, by re-committing ourselves to keeping our homes properly maintained and the areas around them spruced up? Don’t we owe it to ourselves to make the effort?

Please come to the meeting on Saturday, if you possibly can. It’s your future.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fairway Apartment Re-developement Decision Moved to November 3

Planning commission will decide whether to move forward on high-density changes.
Full Article here

Background: Reston Connection, Jan 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nature Walk: Hickory Cluster Stream Restoration Project, Oct 2 at 1pm

Nature Walk
Saturday, Oct 2
1:00 pm

Stream Restoration Exhibit and Walk. Meet at the Reston Museum, 1639 Washington Plaza, in Lake Anne Village Center to examine the current exhibit on Reston stream restoration with Kelly Petrey and Nathan Staley of Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc.

Learn about their work on streams in South Reston, and plans to begin restoration work in the Colvin Run watershed of North Reston. Following the briefing, join WSSI on a walk to a nearby stream to see the erosion damage for yourself, and hear about plans for restoration. The walk will follow a path along the stream running south toward Lake Anne from North Shore Drive between Lake Anne Park and the covered bridge on the West and Northgate Square and Inlet Court on the East.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

R4 Collection Day at Reston Town Center: September 15, 1-4pm

Not the best hours but here's the next local opportunity to shred documents and get rid of old computers, used up compact fluorescent light bulbs, electronics, bicycles, hearing aids, etc...
Reston Town Center presents the fifth R4 Collection Day: Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. Reston! on Wednesday, September 15 from 1 pm until 4 pm. In an effort to provide awareness and options for disposal of items that can be diverted from landfill, specific items listed here will be accepted for collection at the Reston Town Center Pavilion, 11900 Market Street, Reston, VA 20190.

More information on what's accepted here.